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My writing work in short

I was born in March, 1983 on a Saturday, getting into this world as the seventh birth labor of my mother, Cecilia(she is the main character of my first book: ‘My mother’s visitors’). And as surprising as this might sound to you, I am not the seven’t child in my family, I am actually the tenth and final kid to wondered around in this crazy family.

Both of my parents had a previous happy life, and the both had three kids when they found each other and decided to join efforts to beat hardness of rising a family on their own.

I grew up in a little country side town in Alajuela, Costa Rica, where my parents had this amazing property full of any fruit trees, with lots of green grass and a endless collection of insects that kept me exploring for twenty years, until we had to let it go.

Living there in the 90’s was really unique, it was a really empty town where you seemed to enter a parallel reality every time you came back from the capital, where I studied my entire life, curiously thinking, my father had this early 1900’s set of mind about procuring your kids with ‘education’ far from home, but in my case it was just a 30 miles daily roundtrip, I know is not much, but traveling day to day gave me this spaces to thing and create stories in my head from an early age.


My mother’s visitors


Three Different keys for the same key hole

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